About the Book

bookfinalBuckle your seatbelt. The Working Actor is unlike any other acting book you’ve ever read.

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Most acting books are deadly dull. They get hung up on intellectual “intentions” and “choices.” Not this one. The Working Actor is “a gutsy, funny, straightforward, bawdy, and indispensable book.” It’ll help get you work.

Using real world lessons the author has learned in over three decades as a film and TV actor, The Working Actor will help you to:

  • Craft a workable strategy for the Acting Game
  • Create a reliable and repeatable “Method” for yourself
  • Get out of your head and let your imagination guide you
  • Reduce your nervousness and combat your self-sabotage
  • Get an agent to find you
  • Win every audition you go up for
  • Deliver on the set
  • And lots more—including practical acting exercises guaranteed to increase your potential

The Working Actor isn’t by some stuffy professor that never acted for a living. Pat Skipper (“An artist. A real actor,” according to Titus Welliver, star of Amazon Studio’s hit show, Bosch) has more than thirty years of experience in the Acting Game. He’s been coaching actors for years. He knows what it takes to become a Working Actor.

Do you have what it takes? Read The Working Actor and find out.

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