Inside Studio A


In Studio A, Pat helps other Working Actors improve their odds of winning at the Acting Game.

The Working Actor approach attacks The Game both athletically and psychologically.

We improve as athletes by:

  1. Employing innovative exercises to increase our ability to listen and respond truthfully to the behavior of our scene partners.
  2. Creating a repeatable process that we can rely upon every time we pick up a new script.
  3. Engaging our imaginations (not our heads) to create immersive Given Circumstances that lead to inspired, playable Actions.
  4. Increasing our athletic potential through repetition and hard work–just like any other professional athlete.

We don’t sit on our butts in Studio A. Everyone works multiple times every class. That way, everyone gets into (and remains in) top physical condition.

We improve psychologically by:

  1. Increasing confidence through physical repetition.
  2. Recognizing the negative influences of our Inner Critics for what they are (destructive static).
  3. Combating nervousness and self-destructive behavior with groundbreaking exercises that lead us to a relaxed state where we are free to create.

Finally, a successful actor is an actor that gets auditions. In Studio A, Pat helps Working Actors translate their hard work and preparation into winning auditions.

With the publication of The Working Actor, the work in Studio A continues. Check out the WAM! blog to keep abreast of what’s happening in Studio A. If you’re interested in working with Pat, contact him at